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PlayStation 5 Launch

Roadtrip to the launch of PlayStation 5

As PR partner of Sony PlayStation, ToLL Relations supports the launch of the new console generation in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. PlayStation 5 revolutionises the immersion of gaming with its progressive DualSense controller and its excellent next-gen performance.

ToLL Relations develops a large-scale influencer campaign, bringing the advantages of the new console to light: Along the “Road to PS5”, renowned faces of the gaming industry present the new hardware and spark players with PlayStation’s exclusive launch line-up. Furthermore, ToLL Relations comprehensively manages interviews, supports several brand partnerships and also helps place PlayStation 5 in mainstream media. Behind the curtains, ToLL Relations additionally gives extensive review guidance and organises the expansive sampling process of press and selected content creators

The Last of Us Part II

A touching story gets a sequel

After seven yearning years of waiting, the sequel of the videogame phenomenon The Last of Us is released to the gaming world in 2020. ToLL Relations indulges in reminiscences of the touching story of Part I, and therefore invites renown content creators to an interview format about the beginnings of The Last of Us. Additionally, the “Ellie Takeover” pays tribute to the female protagonist Ellie: At release day, gaming talents and gaming-affine lifestyle influencers use Ellie as their profile picture on their social media channels for 24 hours, while sharing their personal relationship to Ellie with their community in a posting. Alongside further influencer and community campaigns, ToLL Relations additionally realises a music and cosplay contest. With its brave story, The Last of Us Part II also rouses the interest of mainstream media and thus reaches a broad audience.

Death Stranding

When limits are conquered

In Death Stranding, legendary developer Hideo Kojima amalgamates the borders between film and game. ToLL Relations takes care of the communication around this star-casted and exceptional title in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. An extensive number of reviews in specialised press and several lead features in feuilletons of national outlets are to follow. One of the PR highlight is a panel at the EGX Berlin 2019, which brings together two geniuses of storytelling onto one stage: Hideo Kojima and the German director Fatih Akin. During Kojima’s stay in Germany, ToLL Relations manages further interviews with him and local media. The result: Different cultures are united across continents, just like the game mechanism behind Death Stranding.

Drone Champions League
Welcome to the future

The official Drone Champions League is one of the globally largest hosts of FPV Racing Sports: Flying drones compete in high-speed races, remotely controlled by their pilots via video glasses. To make this event popular in Germany, ToLL Relations accompanied several races and invited media and camera teams to get an impression behind the scenes. In cooperation with gaming influencers, ToLL Relations conducted several raffles and interviews. As a result, mainstream media became interested in the Drone Champions League, covering it in the interlude of local radio stations, among others.
Photography: Mathias Kniepeiss

Horizon: Zero Dawn

A blindingly bright surprise for PlayStation’s new exclusive brand

An impressive robot fauna and a picturesque open world setting make PlayStation’s exclusive brand Horizon: Zero Dawn so great. To present the title of Guerilla Games, ToLL Relations helps establish the game in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and develops creative PR campaigns: Alongside a studio visit at the developer’s offices together with influencers and press, local press events and cosplay performances at the German Computer Game Award ceremony are organized. Additionally, ToLL Relations brings the “Thunder Jaw” out of the game into the real world as a unique Lego figure with the help of a prominent Brick Artist. Another highlight of the campaign is a music video made with YouTube creator Lara Loft for the tribute song “Hope Will Grow”.