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Easy cooperation.
Straightforward communication.
Fitting ideas. 

Just ToLL!

(toll) = German adjective, used to express something great, fantastic, crazy

What makes ToLL Relations special?


Good PR is about relationships. We connect and keep contact with journalists, influencers, customers, partners and employees. Accordingly, we focus on honest and direct communication, because goals are easier and faster to achieve with teamwork.


Good stories have one thing in common: talented authors. We love storytelling as well as listening to you and to the market. Based on this, we generate and implement ideas. Coming from the entertainment sector, we offer an innovative way of thinking to generate creative and effective campaigns.


Good campaigns surprise with new perspectives. We are specialists for digital PR. But we are also generalists who see the bigger picture. We don‘t do things just „because it is standard“, but because it makes sense for you and your customers – even if it means to leave our personal comfort zone.

The protagonists of our story

We tell enthralling stories for our customers and their products. Our own story began in April 2016. Since then, we are glad about the following companions:

“Hello ToLL”

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